Marquam Meadows Fruit Company 9924 Marquam Circle Molalla, OR 97038
Phone (503) 829-5047
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Closed Weekdays 2:30pm to 3:30pm. And after 5pm Sunday.

We gladly accept cash, check, visa, mastercard, and WIC farm vouchers.

U-Pick Apple Orchard


We are family owned and operated U-Pick Apple Orchard. U-Pick and We-Pick apples are available throughout the harvest season.. We have several popular apple varieties, but also like to show our customers and friends the little known varieties we grow in our 500 tree apple orchard.

This is a great family outing for all ages. No ladders needed!The apples are within easy reach.

Dogs on leash are welcome as well. Come see us soon!

Apple varieties grown in our U-Pick Apple Orchard

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